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Louise Zastrow
Founder, Travel Kollekt
🤘 Rockstar

“As a traveler I’ve realized the need to disconnect to connect. I want to prove that planning, sustainability, and serendipity can go hand in hand. This is why I’ve created Travel Kollekt! By bringing back paper and books into the traveling experience Travel Kollekt encourages travelers to be present, giving space for more personal contact, meaningful and serendipitous interaction.”

I am a creative strategist, editor, and curator. 10+ years of experience creating concepts and building strong brands. I have written and curated award-winning cookbooks, travel books, magazines & blogs – both International and Danish. I have also founded ‘dot the i’ – a micro-global studio and consultancy guiding top executives and decision-makers on brand, communication and design strategy. I am a life-long traveler who has lived in Paris, Bangkok & Copenhagen, and I have traveled and lived as a digital nomad on more than one occasion.