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Frederic Bourgeois
Co-Founder, TheWaysBeyond
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After graduating in Translation and in Communication I worked for renowned cultural institutions in Brussels, running from contemporary dance to alternative music, to artistic workplaces, to opera. I moved to Paris in 2012 where I contributed to the 'Europan' Architecture and Urban Planning competitions, for which I organised several forums in different European cities. Today, I am the Cofounder of TheWaysBeyond, a concept-store of cultural activities for the curious minds.

May 2019
17 events
Broaden my network and get updated with what's done outside Paris


  • Hi everyone! I’m in a small town 25km from Paris. It’s called Brunoy, pretty green and lively! Fun fact: before the French Revolution, Brunoy was famous for the production of… pineapples!

  • Thanks, Chris, it's a very valuable glance to the future of the sector, and not far-fetched considering what already is. On the other hand, I remain skeptical regarding Personalization. This issue actually goes against the new eco values. It can work to... show more

  • French as mother tongue, then I also speak English, Spanish, Dutch, hints of Italian, Portuguese and mandarin πŸ˜‰