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Baboo Travel Tailor-made adventures crafted by local experts globally

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Welcome to Baboo Travel, a versatile travel platform tailored for both direct travelers and travel agents. We connect you with local experts well-versed in crafting unique, personalised travel adventures. As a global network aligning local suppliers, communities, tour operators, and destination management companies, Baboo ensures every journey is exceptional and meets individual needs. Parallel to this, our manifesto reflects our unwavering dedication to ethical, sustainable travel that nurtures positive change.

Where local expertise meets individual preference.
Whether you're a solo traveler, family, travel agent, or a group of friends, our mission remains the same – to create meaningful, stress-free travel experiences. Connect with a local in-destination expert that knows their region inside out, crafting a trip to perfectly align with your visions and aspirations.

🤝 Partner with Local Destination Experts
🧳 Connect with Travelers and Travel Agent Network
♻️ Pledge to Regenerate Mother Earth

Our Regenerative Mission
Our profound love for Mother Earth and its diverse inhabitants guides our regenerative mission. We strive to protect biodiversity, empower local communities, and actively combat climate change.

To discover more about our rejuvenating commitment to planet Earth and its communities, visit: a.baboo.travel/sustainability-mission/
To discover more about Baboo's B-Corporation Status, visit: www.bcorporation.net/en-us/find-a-b-corp/company/baboo-travel-pbc

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COO & Co-founder, Baboo

I am Rick, Baboo COO & Co-founder. As the pandemic put a full hold on the travel industry, we decided to work on something that would be the future of travel, and thus came the excitement to developing Baboo. Our desire has always been to create local, authentic, and sustainable travel experiences so travelers can experience the world, get to know more about themselves, and be more empathetic towards the world around them.

2 years ago (edited)
Travel blogger, Travel with Enock and Jaqi

Amazing space for travel. Looking forward to learning how it works.

2 years ago
COO & Co-founder, Baboo

Hi Enock, thank you for the kind words. I see you are a travel blogger, we do have Affiliates and Influencers programs that could interest you. If you want to know more, visit this link (a.baboo.travel/baboo-partnerships/), drop us an email at help@baboo.travel or book a one-to-one meeting with one of our team: bit.ly/baboo_partner_book. Thank you!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Rick, how are you and the team going at Baboo? Any news or updates you’d like to share with the Travel Massive community since we featured you last year?

1 year ago
COO & Co-founder, Baboo

We are super excited to have certified B-Corporation: www.bcorporation.net/en-us/find-a-b-corp/company/baboo-travel-pbc

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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