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December 2021
Custom made tours in El Salvador with bilingual local guides

🀝 Explore El Salvador and create a positive impact in the local community.

El Salvador offers world-class surf spots, warm water, vibrant volcanoes, pleasant weather, magical sunsets, friendly people and unexplored locations.

Tunco Life is created by Salvadoran entrepreneurs who lead engaging, fun and informative tours from El Tunco beach and San Salvador to all over El Salvador. We’re on a mission to get more people to learn and discover El Salvador.

Our private tours will make you want to stay longer and keep discovering new places, new flavours and of course new amig@s. We specialize in all kind of tours in El Salvador, including surf lessons, airport transfers, shuttle services and much more.

πŸƒ Responsible & Sustainable
Our staff is our extended family and #1 priority β€” we ensure they are supported financially by offering them a fair salary. We also promote beach clean ups and protection of living sea turtles as well as their hatchlings.

πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» Why travel with us?
β€’ Tours guided by locals.
β€’ Bilingual tour guides.
β€’ 90% of the hotels used are owned by Salvadoreans.
β€’ Custom tours based on your needs.
β€’ Support organizations working towards local communities and the environment.

πŸ„β€β™€οΈ Learn more travel tips about visiting El Salvador on our blog:

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8 months ago

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CEO, Tunco Life

Hola amigos! πŸ€™
Salva here from Tunco Life.

⚑ Very stoked to finally share with you our new tour agency website!

Explore El Salvador and create a positive impact in the local community.
After working for over 4 years in this industry I found out myself in a position where I wanted to do more than just taking tourist to the top of a volcano, I wanted to show them the real El Salvador but "I didn't have the time to seat and think about our next move" ...Then Covid came and yes, I had all the time I needed! lol

El Salvador is becoming a trend online and this is helping change people's perspective of what El Salvador used to looked like 10 years ago.

I am sure you have heard about Bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador or that we hosted big international surfing events in our world class surfing spots.

Our country is in a position where it needs our help in order to make sustainable tourism a standard in our industry, this is why we decided to make a big change in our philosofy about how to promote tourism, educate our clients and help the local communities or organizations that put all their effort on protecting mother nature.

We are new in sustainable tourism, we are learning every day new things and we are so excited to hear your thoughts about our project.

Any feedback, resources, guides are more than welcome!
Keep the good vibes!


9 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

I have spent some time in El Salvador, and I can say it is an underrated country. Great beaches, nature, as well as food! Definitely worth a visit.

9 months ago
CEO, Tunco Life

Hello Ric,
I'm so happy to read you were here exploring the unexplored El Salvador, I hope you had a great time and tried some pupusas!

9 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

I had a lot! and hope to come back again.

9 months ago
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