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National Parks NFTs

A National Park Club powered by NFT
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December 2021
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⛰ The first National Park NFT community, that will give members access to a club with access to gear and experiences, while giving back to the parks.

Holders will get access to perks including: National Park Annual Passes, Hiking Gear, Photography and Outdoor Workshops, Discounted Travel, and Swag. The list of partners and perks is growing.

This project is not officially affiliated with the US National Parks Service or entities.

👉 Learn more about the project and upcoming NFT launches at

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I'm Mick, founder and artist of the National Parks NFT project. Artist, Designer, passionate landscape photographer, and obviously a huge fan of National Parks. I was born in Australia and moved to the US 20 years ago where I instantly fell in love with the sheer wonder of US National Parks.

NFTs are very much a buzzword right now, and many people associate them with JPGs or Crypto Punks. The concept of a Non-fungible Token simple means you're purchasing something unique that has a record of ownership. For this project, that simply means your NFT is unique membership to our outdoor club - much like a club member card. Your proof of ownership on the blockchain gives you access to benefits of being a club member.

Our "club" of NFT holders aims to be a super passionate group of outdoor enthusiasts, that share experiences, tips, knowledge and expertise. As benefits, they will have access to gear, travel, real-world group experiences and workshops provided by partnerships we are build in the outdoor activity space and simply by other experts in our community.

We hope to also help by donating back to the National Parks Foundation, and grow to be a community where members participate in volunteer activities due to their passion.

I am super excited that word is getting out in very dedicated forums like this. Please read more about our project on our website, and join our Discord community if you want to share your thoughts and feedback directly with us:

2 years ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Mick, thanks for sharing your project with the Travel Massive community.

This project is a great use-case to bridge NFTs with the outdoors, literally! You're developing a project that is value-driven (for the holder), has common purpose (give back to the parks), and bridges the digital and real-world... bravo! Perhaps one day there could be a "meta" add on where you could visit in VR!

As a community builder, I'm curious are there any interesting early insights / learnings you can share about building your NFT community?

PS: I recommend other people reading this comment check out Mick's Instagram:

1 year ago
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

Interesting project and I really like the concept of using NFTs for something like this! I can see this kind of thing becoming really popular in the future.

How hard is it to set up a project like this? Not just technically, but from a legal perspective as well?

Also, I see you have chosen ETH for the NFTs. Was there any concern given to the environmental impact of ETH NFTs? I imagine the kind of people interested in joining membership of a Nationals Park club would maybe not appreciate the energy consumption associated with ETH currently and perhaps this needs to be addressed on the website. Was there a a good reason not to choose a Proof of Stake network?

1 year ago

To answer your questions...
How hard? Honestly, it's all just time. Anything legal-related is always really interesting discussions because of so much change so fast and "what is an NFT exactly" is even a big topic. I will say what helps is that it's such a passionate community and people want to solve problems (despite all the hype around NFTs).

Regarding the environmental impact, it's a very important topic and keeps coming up. Rafaella (see below) already reached out and I've been really devoting time to be educated because the data is very mixed. I am confident that the technology will get better and there are solid solutions and alternate blockchains - it's all being considered. We're not locked in yet. My goal is to definitely have a strong stance on whatever paths we choose and the right data to be informed.

Please do share any resources that you think would be helpful.

1 year ago
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

I think regardless of whatever level of confidence you reach in Ethereum, for many people it is already tainted as a significant emitter and it is going to be hard to overcome that. That is actually true for NFTs in general though. A lot of people off the street with environmental concerns will pretty much equate NFT with carbon emissions at this point. So I feel it's something that needs to be overcome if you are going to use it for a cause like this especially if you want broad appeal. I know Eth 2.0 should fix a lot of this, but unless you're actually using that it's a bit of a moot point.

Very interested to know how this develops as I think it really is a great use of NFTs and perhaps a taste of the future.

1 year ago

Guys, I love what you created! It is awesome. Peter, I hear you about the environmental impact. That's one of the reasons Offsetra created this ETH carbon footprint calculator:
Please also check our website to learn more about our pro-climate projects. We support the NFT community to become carbon neutral.
Cheers, Rafaella Orelli

1 year ago
CEO, Travel Creators

Interesting approach and love the concept!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Congrats on the launch this weekend! I minted a few National Park NFTs and am using my current favorite as my Twitter profile pic! 😀

1 year ago (edited)