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Overcoming the hurdles to build a successful travel startup in 2022

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022
5:00 PM GMT
Hosted by Krista Wymenga
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About this event

From regulations and accreditation to payments and support, starting a travel business might seem overwhelming – but it doesn't have to be. Let's untangle the complexity of long processes, countless intermediaries, and confusing acronyms so you can go to market quickly and focus on making money selling flights.

Join Steve Domin (CEO & Co-founder, Duffel), Tim Rogers (Head of Product, Duffel), and Sam Argyle (Managing Director, Alternative Airlines) for a live discussion at 9am LA / 12pm NYC / 5pm London time.

Key takeaways:
• Why now is the right time to start your business
• Insights into flights regulations and requirements
• How to manage and make money selling flights

Who is this event for:
Travel startups, tour agencies, engineering leaders in travel tech, business leaders interested in adding flight search/sales to their product.

About Duffel
Duffel enables any travel business to instantly search flights, make bookings, reserve seats, and sell paid extras like checked bags with a simple yet powerful API. You can connect to leading airlines directly without the hassle of working with outdated APIs or managing accreditation requirements.

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