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Kevin O’Shaughnessy
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About me

I do tough things to make travel easier. I'm the co-founder of the airport-to-city information service and one of the chapter leads in Dublin for Travel Massive. You can also catch me on the Travel Massive podcast.

What is your favorite travel destination?

San Francisco

Where do you dream of traveling to?

From Dublin to Sydney in a Beechcraft Baron


  • Love the novelty! Fair play on the early traction. Is it possible to pick a theme (like "ski" or "hiking") or to set the types of destinations you'd prefer not to visit?

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    Pack Up + Go 21 days ago

  • You're onto something @Ian I think what makes this interesting however is that you could use it as a great inspiration tool and it seems _so_ lightweight! What if the destination didn't _really_ matter, so in that case, why not start planning back to f... show more

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    TripGenie 3 months ago

  • Love how simple and streamlined this looks! Are you using Duffel for your flights?

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    TripGenie 3 months ago

  • I think I spotted a little "blue hop" for the ferry on their itinerary