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Kevin O’Shaughnessy
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I do tough things to make travel easier. I'm the co-founder of the airport-to-city information service and one of the chapter leads in Dublin for Travel Massive. You can also catch me on the Travel Massive podcast.

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Counting Countries

Stories from people on the quest of traveling to every country in the world
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Airheart Explorer

Discover where to travel and what's required
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Travelling Buzz

Adventure travel in Bulgaria and Europe
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A substack of Southeast Asia travel stories
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How can the travel industry help Ukraine?

Resources from the tourism community
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Weather Spark

The weather year round anywhere on Earth
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Baghdad To Basra

A vlog about visiting and meeting the people of Iraq

What new features should we add?

Share your ideas for improving Travel Massive
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City exploration games created by local storytellers
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Flying over icebergs in Greenland

A steep approach over icebergs flying from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat
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Border entry requirements and realtime travel alerts
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In Transit Travel & Food Blog

A travel, food, and wellness guide for vegetarians who love to vacation
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The Journey Backpack

Smart backpack system for experienced travelers
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Chernobyl X Tours

Private tours in Chernobyl and the exclusion zone
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Toronto Travel Massive

A travel community in Toronto
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Digital Nomad Visas

Explore digital nomad visas around the world
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City Roads

Create beautiful maps of every single road within a city

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