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Ralph Velasco
Founder/CEO (Chief Experience Officer), The Continental DRIFTER
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Creator of the YouTube channel The Continental DRIFTER where I discuss travel advice and photography tips (

Travel photography instructor, public speaker, and veteran international tour organizer. Have organized, scouted and led more than 120 international tours around the world, including to Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Spain, Tuscany, Morocco, Romania, Armenia, Rep. of Georgia, Lapland, Iceland, Turkey, Portugal, and others.

Creator of Alla Campagna Experiences, a travel brand where we organize and lead once-in-a-lifetime experiences to locations around the Mediterranean, staying at one-of-a-kind properties including private castles, wine estates, converted villas, agriturismos, extraordinary boutique hotels, and others. We also offer a variety of cultural experiences including culinary classes and demonstrations, wine and spirit tastings, meetings with locals and more (