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Abandoned Soviet Summer Camp

A Soviet Young Pioneer Camp in Spitak, Armenia
Created by Ric Gazarian
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I recently explored an abandoned Young Pioneer Camp in Spitak, Armenia. Armenia was part of the Soviet Union for 70 years.

A Young Pioneer camp (Russian: ΠŸΠΈΠΎΠ½Π΅Ρ€ΡΠΊΠΈΠΉ Π»Π°Π³Π΅Ρ€ΡŒ) is similar to the Boy Scouts, and was a place for children of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries to spend time in the summer.

The camp is set in the hills and I discovered some truly amazing mosaics designed and created from the days of the Soviet Union. The craftsmanship is incredible.

Take a look at my blog post to learn about my trip to this abandoned camp at

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Founder, Travel Massive

Great photos! I can only imagine what the camp would have looked like in its hey-day with pristine mosaics, manicured gardens, and people. Does this place have an official history documented (eg. photos, history book) ?

2 years ago (edited)
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Totally agree...would be great to go back in time and see what it looked like. Not sure about any books...trying to find out who created those amazing mosaics though.

2 years ago
Creative Director, Global Convoy

This is really interesting! How did you find it? We were in Armenia in 2019 and I knew nothing of this place. I hope to go back and visit one day.

2 years ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Hi Becca...saw a video by the Bald and the Bankrupt...and then my friends at Absolute Armenia wrote a post about it with the GPS coordinates. Still not well know yet .... You will have to come back! ;)

2 years ago