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Overture Maps Releases New Open Map Dataset

Mapping 59 million+ points of interest
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The Overture Maps Foundation is a collaboration between various large tech companies, including Microsoft, TomTom, AWS, Meta and others set up to create an open source map dataset. It also builds on the existing open source work from the Open Street Maps community.

This is their first release of data and is now available for use.

Aside from the 59 million+ points of interest, it also includes 99k+ administrative boundaries, a transportation layer and a building layer with 780m+ building footprints.

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Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

Very excited to see these large players create a new high quality open source data set of geo data.

Getting access to good places data is often a challenge when building travel products so having a well maintained and curated set like this come on the scene is great news.

Looking forward to see how it continues to develop.

2 months ago