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Melbourne Travel Massive
A travel community in Melbourne

Melbourne - the one Australian city that can proudly say it is better then Sydney. We're a city full of creative people. From our lane ways to our board rooms.

You'll find Melbourne has a buzzing travel industry scene that's just waiting to be discovered. So who's in this chapter? Melbourne boasts some of Australia's most innovative travel starts, content creators and friendly bloggers. Just to name a few.

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7 years ago
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3 Reviews 5/5
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

Always fun to attend Melbourne Travel Massive events. A great way to connect with others in the industry who live here.

10 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Am looking forward to catching up at the next Melbourne meetup!

10 months ago
Principal Blogger & Coffee Drinker and new podcast host!, Traveling Honeybird

I can't wait until we can host the next Melbourne event!

8 months ago
Co-founder / Chief explorer, Large Minority

I look forward to joining my first Melbourne TM meet up now things look like they are opening up here!

7 months ago
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