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Can you guess today's mystery place?

You have 5 guesses. Can you guess where this photo was taken?

Before each attempt you will be shown a new photo of the mystery place of the day.

If you guessed incorrectly, you will get a hint telling you how far away you were from the mystery place and which direction you should be headed in.

If you don't manage to get it right today, try again tomorrow. 🤷

Inspired by other awesome daily mini games such as Worldle, Globle, Flagle, Framed and of course Wordle - Wherdle ( is the latest daily game to test your geography skills. How good are you at recognizing a place by its landmarks?

All the photos used in this game are from the community at Travellerspoint, where this game is hosted. Upon completion of the day's puzzle, a link will be shown to the photo in its gallery on the site.

Let us know how you did at trying to guess the place!

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10 days ago

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Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

I've quite enjoyed the many daily games that have popped up this year and decided I wanted to add my own take on this.

I built this game using Svelte in my spare time over the past few weeks. I finally managed to finish it off while stuck in a room isolating with COVID.

I hope you enjoy the game and please do let me know if there are any improvements you think I could make.

Have fun!

10 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Peter, thanks for sharing your project on Travel Massive!

I love this game, already hooked! How are you sourcing all the photos and locations? Do they come from TravellersPoint?

What are the average guesses per game? Any interesting strategies you're seeing how people pinpoint the city?

8 days ago (edited)
Co-Founder, Travellerspoint

Awesome, glad you like it! A bit early to have any significant stats. I only really started collecting stats for it yesterday. Today's was clearly tough for people though. Only a 30% success rate. Yesterday's was closer to a 70% success rate.

The photos are all from Travellerspoint members. I have to manually select them which makes it a bit more laborious to keep running than some other games. I made a backend dashboard that allows me to do it reasonably quickly, but it still takes a little time to go through them and ensure it's a decent challenge.

8 days ago
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