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World's Best Markets Support local and sustainable farmers markets around the world

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We created World’s Best Markets as we firmly believe that the richest travel experiences come from immersing ourselves in the local culture and way of life. And Markets specifically are a true reflection of a city’s soul, a place where you can interact with locals, sample traditional cuisine and shop for handmade treasures.

Our journey began with founder Dan Christian’s passion for travel and his love for markets. After exploring countless markets during his global travels, he realized that these hidden gems were often overlooked by tourists and there wasn't a great resource to discover them.

Dan’s ultimate goal with World’s Best Markets is to encourage people to travel beyond tourist attractions and truly experience a destination through its local markets, and to help preserve unique traditions and ways of life.

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Founder, Acceleration Team

Thanks to the Travel Massive team and community for your encouragement to share this labour of love with our fellow travellers.

We hope to inspire more travellers to build in local markets into their travel plans for 2024 to support local communities and choose a more sustainable way to eat & shop.

❤️ Top 100 for 2024

We’ve carefully selected a collection of the finest markets worldwide for 2024 to inspire your travels. Plus, we’d love to hear from you – feel free to share any additional markets you stumble upon!


👉 Submit your market

If you have an images to add to these market listings or suggested vendors not to miss please let us know and feel free to suggest more local markets as we expand the platform.


Thank you and happy holidays.

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Founder + CEO, Conscious Travel Collective

Hi Dan! I share your love of food markets, and like you always utilize markets as a venue for connection. Love seeing this and looking forward to spending time on the site.

7 months ago
Founder, 196 Destinations

Mmm food. Who doesn't like quality food :)

7 months ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Great idea. What's your business model to populate it and sustain it to remain current?

7 months ago
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Photo Journalist, RK Journeyman
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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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