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Property Descriptions AI Write image captions for your properties in seconds

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Property Descriptions AI is a tool for accommodation / property website owners to automatically generate listing descriptions from images, with a focus on conversions and SEO. Let AI will do the heavy lifting for you!

How it works:

1. Upload the listing photos πŸ“Έ
2. Give extra details (optional) ✏️
3. That's it! See the magic happen πŸͺ„

Now that AI can understand images you can save hours of work!

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Founder, JobBoardSearch

Hey everyone, I'm Rod, a web developer working in the hospitality industry for over 14 years. Since 3 years ago also running my own short term rentals listing business in Mallorca, so I understand the needs of property managers for their property descriptions and image captions.

Why I created Property Descriptions AI

I run my own property listing business and I know the work and time writing descriptions for our listings on AirBnB, VRBO, Booking, and our own website takes. It's boring but at the same time super important. As I'm a programmer myself as soon as OpenAI revealed that AI was capable of understanding property photos the idea came to my mind and implemented to solve my own problem.

This tool solves 2 time consuming but very important tasks for accommodation / property website owners:

βœ… Listing descriptions
βœ… Listing Title Tag & Meta Description
βœ… Image captions

πŸ‘‰ Try it out at

Why this tool is different

One major and crucial distinction with other AI description tools is that this software writes descriptions based on what it "sees" because it uses the most recent AI technology capable of reading and comprehending images. Plus, the person (me) giving instructions to the AI has the same problems as you (fellow property website managers) and understands your needs.

To generate your listing descriptions you can upload up to 20 images per description, the more images you upload the more accurate the descriptions will be.

πŸ‘‰ Take a look in action with an example description

Now it also can generate:

βœ… Image animations

Bring images to life with AI, it will generate a short video clip for your listings

πŸ‘‰ Take a look in action with an example animation

πŸ‘‰ Follow my #buildinpublic launch on X over at

I'd be glad to answer any questions and please share your feedback!

PS: Giving 10% discount for Travel Massive members with the coupon TM10OFF

3 months ago (edited)
Founder, JobBoardSearch

πŸŽ‰ New feature update

PropertyDescriptionAI now suggests Meta Description and Title Tag!

Announced 3 months ago
CEO, Surf Office

Nice project! I used chatgpt to write Airbnb listing/descriptions for my father's apartment :)

6 months ago
Founder, JobBoardSearch

Thank you Peter!

It's incredible how useful AI is in our industry. For creating blog posts, videos, animating images, and of course writing listing descriptions and iamge captions.

6 months ago
Founder, Uncharted Travel Consultancy

Interesting technology! This could also be relevant for tour operators and travel agents who are preparing hundreds of trip proposals with hotel and property descriptions each month. Would save valuable time while creating unique and brand-right descriptions.

6 months ago
Founder, JobBoardSearch

Yes, also for travel software companies! I didn't think about it but I know because one of them reached out :)

6 months ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Great concept Rod. Would love to see it in action.

6 months ago
Founder, JobBoardSearch

Thanks a lot Mark!

Working on an example page so it's easier for users to undersand.

Also, I got accepted by the Microsoft for Startups FoundersHub, waiting for a $2500 OpenAI creadit, I will use it to give 1 description for free to try.

6 months ago
Founder, Nomad Stays

Great. I must look at that new OpenAI credit myself.

6 months ago
Founder, Acceleration Team

Hey Rob! I've been chatting with Ian and he kindly nominated you as a potential speaker for our Travel Trends AI Summit Feb 21-22 which will be remote/virtual. Please see some more details here to consider - and we've created a speaker form if you are interested and we can plan to get into the agenda!

Look forward to hearing from you!

6 months ago (edited)
Founder, JobBoardSearch

Thanks so much Dan!

Would you mind to DM me on Twitter (handle @rrmdp)?

6 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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