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Tara Shafer
Founder + CEO, Conscious Travel Collective

I'm in love with travel. In my youth it helped me put my life in perspective & build confidence. Perhaps the most beautiful gift of travel is connection - to people + places & noticing our shared human experience. As a former history/ geography teacher, I love learning about cultures & societies. I started Conscious Travel Collective (CTC) as a place to provide highly intentional travel, that forges connections with locals, and fellow travelers alike, and create positive impact for the host community. CTC serves social & ecologically conscious travelers with fully guided, small group trips for with a max of 8-12 travelers. We careful balance locally focused experiences in nature, culture, cuisine, & more with time for reflection, connection & rest. We offer transparency in our pricing & a commitment to leaving a positive impact. We seek to educate to example, demonstration to our travelers how to "travel better", more open minded + respectful of the destination

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I am always looking to connect with smart, savvy travel professionals, and avid world travelers. I want to expand, learn, connect, and be inspired!