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Ian Moss
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About me

Hi, I've a passion for helping others with their future travels, so I founded a travel startup to capture people's future travel dreams at

I've still a lot of places to visit in the world, but some of my favourites so far are Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania, Jervis Bay in NSW, Australia (the whole South East felt off the beaten path). My favourite island is Isle De Porquorolles in France - was lucky enough to sail arond that area with my family. Love skiing, and my favourite region to do so is Haute Savoie.


  • Mmm food. Who doesn't like quality food :)

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    World's Best Markets 7 months ago

  • Air is betwen 8 and 20 times more polluting than train travel. Other land based travel modes arn't much more, such as Flix's coaches. Additionally the pollution from air is placed into the worse place - the upper atmosphere. it's a very effective green ... show more

  • We are on a mission to help keep people connected, in a low-carbon manner, by making it easier to pick long-distance trains. It's an extremely hard job, and far from an entitled position. The climate emergency has been known about for a very long time.... show more

  • I'd love to hear more Joy :)

  • Well, in 2002, on the anniversay of 9/11 I flew into Sydney. I'd not had a holiday in 7 years, of working, and decided finally it was time, and my sister was there and I got to visit. WEHAY. They call a flight to Australia a trip of a life-time. And I ... show more