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Richard Kennedy
Photo Journalist, RK Journeyman

I am enthusiastically documenting vibrant ideas and places in the world. I am focusing on educational travel and nurturing communities. "Come for the learning experience and stay longer." I encourage communities to focus on marketing to those with a direct interest in learning more about their best assets. The visitors will have a great experience beyond shopping and sightseeing and the community will enjoy sharing what they are proud of. Invite kindred spirits when you want them and provide workshops, exhibits, related book discussions, etc. to encourage them to stay longer.

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Why did you join the community?

I work at discovering and documenting real communities around the world and want to expand my network.

What is your favorite travel destination?

Northern India

Where do you dream of traveling to?


What was your first travel job?

Earthwatch- Tunisia

Three words that describe why we should travel?

Discover real places.


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  • I encourage linking travel to personal interests. There is a growing interest in promoting small group or personal travel to destination communities with a strong similar interest. Examples would be jewelry making in Jaipur, Literary interest in Hay on ... show more