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Seeking Sustainability in Japan
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November 2021
Weekly interviews with interesting people in Japan

Seeking Sustainability in Japan with JJWalsh features weekly interviews with a variety of people from various parts of Japan doing interesting work, projects, research and travels or living alternative lifestyles.

The channel hosts short videos on location from travels around Japan to introduce the location and talk about the more sustainable highlights on offer — e.g. what is available which doesn't damage the local community and natural environment, but still has high-quality value and brings enough income.

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5 days ago
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Sustainable Travel-Tourism-Product-Services Consultant, Inbound-Ambassador

hi jj here- originally from hawaii and now long time in hiroshima sharing travel and sustainability insights from japan! look forward to hearing what you think of the interviews and topics :)

7 days ago
Founder, Japan World Link

Hi JJ, I'm Angus based in Tochigi. I work a lot with local governments in 'Kita Kanto' (North of Tokyo region) helping them with tourism and promoting the region using . I watched your video and thought I'd reach out as I have a good friend ( in Tokyo who is one of the leaders of Sustainability and CSR in Japan. Let me know if you want to interview him. He lived, studied, and worked in the UK so speeks fluient English. Also, I know a local Kindergarden doing very interesting work using Japanese Indigo! Keep up the good work!

4 days ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi JJ, thanks for sharing your channel with our community! I was really glad to learn about your show, and I'm sure there's a number of Travel Massive members (like Angus mentioned) who would be great to interview. We can put a call-out in our next newsletter if you're interested?

19 hours ago
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