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JJ Walsh
Sustainable Travel-Tourism-Product-Services Consultant, Inbound-Ambassador
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Grew up on Oahu, educated in California, and spent a career teaching, traveling, and consulting in Japan. Travel and exploration are key parts of what makes me happy, and I'm passionate about helping others promote and choose sustainable aspects of travel to enhance their businesses and lives.

August 2020
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I'd love to share insights from my area and love of travel

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  • thanks so much Ian- a call out in your next newsletter would be great! I sometimes interview people outside of Japan who also have travel expertise, business and tours to Japan as well- the outside view of Japan and those who cater to the international ... show more

  • Hi Angus! so great to connect, I would love to have you on my show and collaborate with you to introduce more travel influencers + sustainability topics focused on Japan- how awesome!

  • hi jj here- originally from hawaii and now long time in hiroshima sharing travel and sustainability insights from japan! look forward to hearing what you think of the interviews and topics :)

  • I love this trip & the old style roll printing among so many other stops is super fun! Keep up that enthusiasm :)