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Noad Home exchange network for remote workers

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🏡 Noad is a membership-based home sharing community designed to provide a new affordable, tailored travel accommodation solution for location-flexible professionals. By offering available nights in your home when you're away, you earn travel Credits to stay in member homes around the world, rent-free.

💻 Our team reviews every home for remote work capability so you can be comfortable and productive from anywhere. All Noad homes are curated to offer reliable Wi-Fi, workstation, and essential amenities.

🤝 Noad is built on trust, and in order to create a like-minded “give-to-get” community, every member needs to have an approved home listing before they can travel. Our members treat every home like their own because they are also hosts themselves.

📍 Noad now has properties available in 30+ countries and growing.

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Head of Partnerships, Noad

Hi all! At Noad, we want to redefine the way location-flexible professionals make the most of their freedom to work from anywhere. We’re building an international home exchange community that empowers remote workers to work & travel more (and better), for less!

As long-term traveling remote workers ourselves, we grew tired of battling spotty Wi-Fi, "workspaces" that turned out to be kitchen counters and wobbly bar stools, or cooking with dull knives in expensive rentals and hotels. This is how Noad was born.

Our membership-based home exchange network is designed to allow you to turn your home into a travel asset: make your home available to host members while you're traveling, and in return, unlock stays in member homes for $0/night (you only cover the final cleaning)! Noad's simple Credit system allows for non-reciprocal, non-simultaneous swaps.

This month, you can become a Founding Member to receive equity in Noad and a membership to travel on the network. This is an opportunity to invest at the earliest stage and share in Noad's future upside while receiving immediate value when you join. 🚀 See our Community Round on Wefunder: wefunder.com/noad

We're also always on the lookout for aligned partners. If you're a blogger, content creator, company, etc. interested in collaborating, get in touch! :)

6 months ago (edited)
Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

Love the idea! A few questions that come to my mind: How many stays have been utilized so far? What are the most popular destinations people are looking for? What is the rule if you have pets in the apartment?

6 months ago (edited)
Head of Partnerships, Noad

Thanks Maria!

I believe we’ve had over 300 nights booked so far, with over 1,000 nights requested.

The most popular destinations have been some of our more expensive locations in the US and Western Europe, specifically Amsterdam, San Francisco, NYC, and Mallorca.

Pets are up to individual hosts. Each host can accept pets at their home if they choose to so it’s totally optional. In the future we might add this as a search filter, so pet owners can look for pet-friendly swaps directly.

6 months ago
Owner & Events facilitator, Transylvanian Coliving

Looking forward to using my credits around Europe 😊 I'm glad we could join with Transylvanian Coliving, find us in the network

6 months ago
Head of Partnerships, Noad

Thanks Bianca, looking forward to seeing which Noad properties you'll stay at!

And I had a great time at Transylvanian Coliving myself - very happy to be able to offer it to Noad members. :)

6 months ago

Absolutely fantastic idea & initiative 🤩🤩. Noad will take the world by storm!

6 months ago
Head of Partnerships, Noad

Thank you for your feedback and support, Robbert!

6 months ago
podcaster | travel writer | journalist, Tracks & the city

Hey Camille,
I am an avid user of HomeExchange but always open for new platforms. What would you say differentiates noad from homeexchange or other hosting platforms?

6 months ago
Head of Partnerships, Noad

Hey Sandra, nice to hear!

The main difference is that HomeExchange and similar platforms are more generic and cater to a more diverse audience (including for example families and retirees who are going on vacation), whereas we are building a highly curated community and service that is really tailored to anyone with the ability to work from anywhere (remote/hybrid workers, digital nomads, expats, etc.).

So on Noad, the primary focus is more on location-flexible professionals looking for "workations" rather than straight holidays. We are designing features specifically for remote workers who are living and working for longer durations, and all the homes in the network are reviewed and approved for minimum Wi-Fi speeds and workstations.

6 months ago (edited)
Editor & Writer, Nancydbrown.com & freelance

Hi Camille, I’m a travel writer/blogger, and content creator. I specialize in hotel reviews. I look forward to being in touch.

6 months ago
Head of Partnerships, Noad

Hi Nancy, fantastic! I'll get in touch next week.

6 months ago
Creator, The Wired Nomad

I noticed your internet speeds for the listings are often broad ranges and only show download speeds. Any plans to make this more verified and specific with download/upload/ping? Perhaps a potential collaboration with The Wired Nomad? ;)

5 months ago
Head of Partnerships, Noad

Hey Adam, thanks for your feedback! We're actually refining this at the moment, but regardless, I'd be happy to learn more about The Wired Nomad and discuss a potential collaboration. Let's chat!

5 months ago
CEO & Co-founder, Insured Nomads

Great to see Noad in Travel Massive! Welcome.
Huge fan of the Noad home exchange network.

5 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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