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Adam Kimbrough
Creator, The Wired Nomad
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Richmond, Virginia
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About me

Satellite engineer, photographer, writer, traveler.

Why did you join the community?

To share my search engine for digital nomads to find accommodations with fast, reliable Internet

What is your favorite travel destination?

A close tie between Taiwan and Switzerland. Both offer stunning landscapes, but Taiwan is more of a hidden gem.

Where do you dream of traveling to?

Sometimes I dream of traveling to Mainland China, but there are many issues that have me thinking twice.

What was your first travel job?

Self-founding The Wired Nomad

What do you want to learn more about?

Digital nomad habits

Three words that describe why we should travel?

Education, Perspective, Appreciation


  • I noticed your internet speeds for the listings are often broad ranges and only show download speeds. Any plans to make this more verified and specific with download/upload/ping? Perhaps a potential collaboration with The Wired Nomad? ;)

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    Noad 8 months ago

  • As someone else mentioned, tethering to a cellular data network via a SIM card on a hotspot or phone is always a great secondary Internet source. The fact of the matter is, if you can't provide fast and stable Internet, you're simply not going to attrac... show more

  • This is a great platform. I love that you provide internet speeds when possible, and even include the speed test screenshot for additional verification. I was curious what the difference is between the listings on the "accommodations for digital nomads... show more

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    Flatio 9 months ago

  • Would love to get in touch about a partnership! The Wired Nomad is a search engine & aggregator for digital nomad accommodations.

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    Nomad Stays 9 months ago

  • Do you all have internet speed tests available for the different accommodations?

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    Nomadico 9 months ago