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November 2021
Live nature cams from Africa

🐘 Live streaming Africa’s wildlife to educate and create conservation awareness.

🦁 Watch elephants, monkeys, lions and other African wildlife in their natural habitat
🎥 Live cameras in South Africa, Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo
🌍 Powered by — the world's largest live nature cam network

The channel also features highlights of the week, explained by expert guides. You can also download the app and access all of's channels on the go.

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7 months ago

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Founder, Connector, Proud African. Avid Explorer @africantravelcrew

Love this channel.

7 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Glad you like it! It's an amazing project, and a very impressive way to use technology to allow people all over the world to watch and appreciate wild life.

7 months ago
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