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Travel blogger. Passionate about influencing others to Travel • Enjoy • Respect.

April 2015
South Africa
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  • Thanks a ton, Ian. Gr8 ideas! Haven't come across 1 & 2 - will approach them. I tried idea 3 when doing the Plett to Cape Town walk. Set up a Strava Challenge but few entered. Even tried to get Discovery Health to buy in with their Vitality Steps points... show more

  • Thanks for the input, Ian. I do recall the #TrekSouthAfrica initiative and published Jarred Manasse's piece on the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens hiking route in 2016 ( I... show more

  • In the future, bloggers/content creators will adapt their skills to embrace UI/UX tech as developments in this sphere become popular with consumers. In the same way that travel writers, photographers, and videographers had to adapt their skills to embr... show more

  • I'm Desmond Langkilde, a limber 63 year young fossil, a travel writer, and a dreamer. I have a dream that's born of passion, nurtured through countless hours, even years, of planning, budgetting, and grant funding application rejections. And still the ... show more

  • Great predictions, Ian. Have to comment about the rail travel point. South Africa has over 30,000km (18,600 miles) of railroad track, which used to be the most advanced railway system in Africa, but it has been stripped by criminals looking to make mone... show more

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