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December 2021
Build a trip with local destination experts

Connect with a local in-destination expert who knows their destination inside and out to craft a trip exactly as you want it, stress free.

🤝 Connect with Local Destination Experts
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♻️ Regenerate Mother Earth

Our Regenerative Mission
Our love for Mother Earth and its people requires our participation to help the overall environmental health of the planet and people in need. We aim to protect biodiversity, benefit local communities, and help combat climate change actively.

Learn more about our regenerative mission:

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5 months ago

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COO & Co-founder, Baboo

I am Rick, Baboo COO & Co-founder. As the pandemic put a full hold on the travel industry, we decided to work on something that would be the future of travel, and thus came the excitement to developing Baboo. Our desire has always been to create local, authentic, and sustainable travel experiences so travelers can experience the world, get to know more about themselves, and be more empathetic towards the world around them.

6 months ago (edited)
Travel blogger, Travel with Enock and Jaqi

Amazing space for travel. Looking forward to learning how it works.

6 months ago
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