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🌍 Destination Digital Professional Online Networking with 150 Content Creators from Northern Europe
Monday, Sep 25 to Sep 29, 2023 (5 Days)
14:00 CEST
Hosted by Bjorn Troch Only 20 industry Tickets left
150 attended 1946 views


Meet over 150 top European content creators and influencers in travel on Digital Sphere's online networking platform.

👉 We've selected the best 150 professional travel creators from Northern Europe for you to connect with and discuss potential cooperations.

🌍 Our events group content creators per language. This time we invited creators that create their content in the German, Dutch, English, Polish, Czech or Scandinavian languages. They are the best bloggers, vloggers, Facebookers, Instagrammers, TikTokkers in their respective language, market.

🚀 Together they have a combined reach of between 7 to 10 million uniques/month and over 6.500.000 followers on their social media channels.

👩‍💻 The event is organised on a professional online networking platform. The platform allows you to schedule meetings with creators of your choice and it smoothly guides you from meeting to meeting.

Connect with creators from 5 markets in 5 days.

25th to 29th of September

• Monday 25th: Dutch language (BE / NL) 🇧🇪 🇳🇱
• Tuesday 26th: German language (DACH) 🇩🇪 🇦🇹🇨🇭
• Wednesday 27th: English language (UK / IE) 🇬🇧 🇮🇪
• Thursday 28th: Scandinavian market (DK / NO / SE) 🇩🇰 🇳🇴 🇸🇪
• Friday 29th: Central European market (PL / CZ) 🇵🇱 🇨🇿


The creators we selected have years of experience, won awards, are professional and have quality content and reach. Find some statistics from featured profiles below.


🇳🇱 Tikva 200k/m | 15k
🇧🇪 Sigrid | 85k
🇳🇱 Lisa | 75k
🇧🇪 Yannick 25k/m | 43k
🇩🇪 Barbara 40k/m | 75k
🇩🇪 Caro 200k/m | 111k
🇬🇧 Julie 250k/m | 200k
🇩🇪 Nina 260k/m | 11k
🇧🇪 Bart 45/m | 43k
🇩🇪 Rashad | +1M
🇬🇧 Kash 50k/m | 36k
🇩🇪 Uwa | 190k
🇸🇪 Annika 85k |
🇩🇪 Patrick 70k/m | 40k
🇬🇧 Paul 120k/m | 722k
🇳🇴 Johan | 247k
🇸🇪 Madeline | 325k
🇨🇿 Martin | 417k
🇬🇧 Chloe 200k/m | 26k
🇳🇴 Christian | 150k
🇧🇪 Emma | 137k

Benefits for destinations and travel brands

• The best creators/influencers from Northern Europe hand-picked for you.
• Selected creators are organized by language and market you want to reach.
• Selected creators are professional and have targeted and qualitative reach.
• A balanced selection of bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers, TikTokkers and Facebookers.
• You save time since you meet the best of the best in only 2,5 hours.
• Qualtity networking from your office chair on a specialized network platform.
Sustainable since there's no need to travel.

How it works

1. Buy a ticket for the market of your choice.
2. You'll receive a link to register and complete your 'Conversation Starter' profile.
3. Once all profiles are created you can start sending meeting requests to the creators.
4. When the meeting is confirmed you're all set.
5. The system will automatically generate your meeting schedule.
6. On the day of your meeting schedule you tune in to Conversation Starter at 2pm.
7. The system will guide you automatically from meeting to meeting. Easy peasy.

Networking details

• Time per meeting: 12 min
• Meetings start daily at 2pm
• Meeting slots per participant: 10
• Duration of entire networking session: 2,5 hours
• Platform: Conversation Starter

Content creator application

Are you a content creator and would you like to be considered for future events then send us an email at and we'll take it from there.

🌍 About Destination Digital

Destination Digital is an online content, creator and influencer marketing agency with over 12 years of experience, based in Berlin. We work in content creation and with content creators, influencers, tourism boards and travel brands from around the world. 👉 Learn more about us at