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Susanne Jungbluth
Travel Blogger, Von Ort zu Ort reisen / From place to place travel
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I'm Susanne from Berlin.
We (my husband and I) decided that life’s too short to spend it working 9 to 5. We restructured or jobs and gradually increased the time we spend travelling. Every year we spend a little more time exploring the world and enjoying the time that we have been given on this earth.
Besides writing this travel blog, Susanne is also responsible for the blogs Kitaturnen and Bastelstunde, both aimed at an audience of parents and educators.
I'm the author of the articles of „Von Ort zu Ort reisen“/ "From place to place travel" and also manage the respective social media accounts. In preparation for the different trips I look up the facts and figures about the places and interesting spots to visit and fun things to do. Including the boring stuff like opening hours, admission fees and so on.
Patrick is Webdevelopper and programmer. So the ideal candidate to look after the technical side of things.

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