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  • Thanks for the comment Triv! Yeh would be super useful for airports like that, especially when we have more tips from users. Let me know if you want an invite! :)

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    In Departures 8 days ago

  • Thanks Josh! I'm going to look at adding accessible toilets as a category this week. Hopefully as we grow, we'll get good information/tips from other travellers added to the website for these accessibility categories.

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    In Departures 13 days ago

  • If you want an invite to test out the site properly, just add your email to the waiting list here and I'll send an invite asap! :)

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    In Departures 13 days ago

  • Hey! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I probably should have taken that bit out. It was from some old copy where I was promoting to digital nomads specifically. :) The site is open all of course. Thanks, Paul

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    In Departures 13 days ago

  • Looks great, somewhere I've wanted to visit for a while. Looks like you have a great setup there for digital nomads and remote workers!