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Tomas Kadlec
head of influencer relations,
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I help travel brands to break through the clutter and increase their brand reputation by creating meaningful connections and relationships with talents, influencers and content creators

Since 2015 I have operated in travel industry. I have worked with various travel brands, tourism boards and hospitality businesses. I am experienced with design and management of global campaigns covering 15 markets as well as local content initiatives and ambassador programmes supporting talented content creators.

πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ Avid biker πŸŒ²β›°οΈ Outdoor adventure lover
β†Ÿ Cabin life πŸ•Ί groove junkie ; hedonist

LetΒ΄s chat, letΒ΄s connect, letΒ΄s collab.

April 2016
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