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What are your top places in the world to run?

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1. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA
2. Bondi to Bronte, Sydney, Australia
3. Casablanca promenade, Casablanca, Morocco
4. Vondelpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Dubrovnik (non-old city), Croatia

This was a much harder exercise (no pun intended) than I originally thought. I've left out so many incredible runs but these are my favourites, with SanFran taking the gold medal.

I bloody love this run! It's a got a bit everything; fresh pine smell, crisp mornings, fellow runners, incline, decline, bison, an old Dutch windmill and the pièce de résistance: a beach at the end - if you make it down that far of course.

As you can tell, I love a coastal run - not only for the views but a swim after. If you want more info about any of these runs i.e. where to start, end, how long, hot tips etc, ping me.

Tell me your top 5 - different country for each!

1 month ago (edited)
Founder & Director of Mappy Hour

The most beautiful run I've ever been on was along the water in Capetown. 10/10 would recommend!

1 month ago
Travel Blogger,

If you're thinking of fun runs (non- competitive) Africa has too many to be listed here (at W4A we're launching an outdoor marketplace listing them all).

My favorite competitive run in South Africa is the Comrades Marathon, a 56 mile down-run from the inland city Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal to the coastal city Durban. It alternates between up- and down-runs each year and is the oldest marathon in Africa (est 1921). This year, its an up-run (Dbn to Pmb) happening June 10.

1 month ago
Co-Founder & Photographer, Love and Road

So hard to pick only 5, these are my memorable ones:

1 - Along Po River, Turin - Italy
2 - Chinatown, Bangkok - Thailand
3 - Beach Promenade, Balneario Camboriu - Brazil
4 - Snow run in Brandnertal - Austria
5 - Marrakech Medina, Morocco

I used to do a lot of running & sightseeing when visiting a new place, now my knees are killing me 😂

1 month ago
Nomad Advice | Pitch Deck prep | Photography, ahimsaimages

The Marrakech Medina run would be wild!

I used to run from Bab Doukkala to the Cyber Park and then do a few laps around the park. It was the only place I didn't have to duck and weave every two steps.

26 days ago
Tour Operator, Steri Tours and Travel

Kenya has beautiful trails. Lewa Conservancy, Litein, Limuru Tea Plantation trails, Mt.Kenya Lake Ellis, Mt.Longonot.

1 month ago
Blogger, Journey Era

Madeira, Portgual... trail running paradise

1 month ago
Head of Retailing Strategy, Travelport

1. Along the beachfront in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Leblon, Ipanema, Copacabana, Leme (around the lagoon in Lagoa would be good alternative - though a lot hotter usually)
2. Around Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland

17 days ago
Experience Creator, The Green Maya Project

Yucatan, Mexico! It's great for long distances because it's flat. The humidity makes you sweat fast and helps you to stay cool. I would recommend running first thing in the morning because of the intense sun. There are races every weekend.

5 days ago
Customer service, Aloft Hotels

The most beautiful run I've ever been on was along the water in Dubai . 10/10 would recommend!

4 days ago
Freelance Food & Travel Writer,

I’m from Hawaii, the only full marathon I’ve ever run is the Honolulu Marathon. Mostly because I’m slow and there’s no time limit, but also it’s a beautiful course starting off with fireworks at 5am (it does get hot later so the early start is welcome!), Christmas lights in downtown, seaside views and a finish at Kapiolani Park in the shadow of Diamond Head. :)

I also used to love the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco each October until it was canceled. Hilly, but so well organized and nice cool temps + wine country the next day as a reward! :)

3 days ago