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MEET Network Shaping the Mediterranean into a leading ecotourism destination

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🌱 MEET (The Mediterranean Experience of Eco-Tourism) is a network of Mediterranean protected areas creating and promoting high-quality ecotourism products that directly benefit conservation and local communities.

MEET is a conservation project at its core, designed to support parks in the Mediterranean which play a critical role in protecting the region's threatened biodiversity. We provide visitors to the region with meaningful market-ready experiences built following the MEET Model for ecotourism development. MEET travellers experience the same authentic Mediterranean flavour as locals do.

Our partners are the protected areas themselves. Each park collaborates with a team of local travel suppliers to design and refine the products you will find in the MEET Catalogue. Itineraries have achieved high standards of quality and sustainability; suppliers have implemented tangible measures to reduce negative impacts on the local environment and way of life.

In 2018 the MEET Network Association was founded to represent this new ecotourism model and provide a membership network for protected areas and organisations who are committed to embracing a new way of developing tourism in the Mediterranean.

Today MEET operates in 9 Mediterranean countries and over 20 Protected Area destinations, and is continuing on its journey to shaping the Mediterranean into a leading ecotourism destination.

👉 Join the network or inspire your with with the MEET Experiences: www.meetnetwork.org/travel-industry

📸 Photo credits: Green Traveller, Becky Harris, Samaria National Park

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Hi everyone, this is Carla from the MEET Network Team. I hope you have enjoyed finding out more about MEET.

Wondering what travellers say about our itineraries? Look no further!

🗨 "Everything was authentic, off the beaten path and truly an experience you could never dream of recreating yourself" - Alexandra

🗨 "You really get direct interaction with the locals! So much better than simply being bussed around to get out and snap a few photos" - Anatole

🗨 "A visit to a shepherd family, in the early evening, was an almost moving moment: eating with them bread freshly baked in the oven and cottage cheese prepared a few minutes ago brought us back to childhood. I can't thank MEET enough for allowing me to have otherwise impossible experiences!" - Stefano

Do you want to experience this yourself? Currently, our experiences are being brought to you by Intrepid Travel and WWF Travel.

- Lastovo Islands (Croatia) --> www.intrepidtravel.com/eu/croatia/croatia-sibenik-kornati-islands-136688

- Samaria National Park (Crete, Greece) --> www.intrepidtravel.com/eu/greece/highlights-crete-135741

- Mediterranean Experiences: www.wwftravel.it/esperienze-mediterranee/

💡 We are also looking for partners willing to include our experiences in their Mediterranean portfolio!

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