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Jessie on a Journey

Conscious solo female travel blogger, photographer, and blog coach
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August 2022
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Jessie on a Journey offers an honest look into the adventures, advice, and detours of your travel blogging BFF (me!).

Whether you’re a solo traveler craving spontaneity, a wanderer in search of more than your typical sightseeing, or a blogger with dreams of making travel a profitable lifestyle, this is the destination for you to bring more meaning and fulfillment to your journey.

Awaken your curiosity as I share real-talk and resources for exploring the world — and experiencing life — #BeyondTheGuidebook.

And for those wanting to learn how to become digital nomads themselves, you’ll find loads of free professional blogging resources as well as in-depth blog posts and episodes from The Profitable Travel Blogger Podcast.

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Editor/Writer, Epicure & Culture/Jessie on a Journey

Hey hey to my fellow travel-loving friends! My name is Jessie, and I'm a passionate travel content creator living in New York City.

I started Jessie on a Journey in 2011 as a resource to help women confidently travel solo - something I became quite addicted to during college.

After studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, I began devoting all of my time to working so I could save up for my next trip. I'd work double shifts as a waitress to save and save - then I'd take off for 3-4 months to jet off and explore Europe, South America, Asia, and more.

Nothing made me feel more fulfilled, and traveling solo helped grow my confidence while showing me that I truly had the power to design my own life.

This is when I became obsessed with the idea of living and traveling #BeyondTheGuidebook; as in, going beyond cookie cutter templates, one-size-fits-all plans, and societal blueprints that dictate what we *should* do and when (ugh). Instead, I wanted to listen to my *own* voice.

This core value is what guides the content and offerings on Jessie on a Journey, whether it's articles showcasing unique places and experiences, stories providing first-hand perspectives, or tutorials showing you how to turn your passion into a profitable blogging business.

I also started offering private photo tours and shoots in my home of NYC, in an effort to give people a more local perspective of the city (while also providing them with beautiful photos of their group to keep).

Anyway, I could honestly talk about travel forever, so I'll stop there. :) I'd love to hear more about what you love about travel. Also, do you have any upcoming travel plans? Been anywhere recently?

(I'm heading on 2-week Maine road trip next week, so feel free to also drop any recommendations below!)

1 year ago
Tourism PR consultant, USA/CA., Kirsten M Schmidt Communications, Inc.

Wonderful post! I was just there in February ... and this brought back great memories. But ohhh, those stairs ...;). Thank you!

1 year ago