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Sip n’ Clip A drink/phone holder for your next travel adventure

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Sip n’ Clip® is a new way to connect brands and people while solving a pesky travel problem experienced by millions of people each day. We are redefining the meaning of value across the promotional product industry by focusing on social impact, sustainability, and utility.

The Sip n' Clip namesake product is a drink or phone holder for the planes, trains, and automobiles, and more. No more crushed cups in the seatback pockets. Sip n’ Clip® is manufactured and assembled in the USA.

👉 Learn more about your story at www.gosipnclip.com/pages/about-us

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Inventor and Owner, FLYGA

Hey everyone, this is Seth and I'm an inventor and avid traveler based out of the Washington DC area.

I'd love to share my invention, Sip n' Clip with you. I have collaborated with folks across the travel industry on our design and am eager to share what we have learned in our research.

This 4-year journey has been filled with highs and lows and we finally launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign, and landed clients like Marriott, the Daytona Beach International Airport, Cruise Planners, and others! We also finally launched on Amazon and got featured in the Home Based Travel Agent pod cast. I'd love to share what we learned about gifting and customer loyalty to help drive sales for travel agents.

We donate 25% of profits from our promotional product sales to minority and women leadership initiatives. Learn more at www.gosipnclip.com/pages/social-impact

Can't wait to hear your thoughts. Happy to share tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my journey.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Seth, thanks for sharing your product with the Travel Massive community. It's always great to have a physical product creator share their project here!

I like your commitment to donating profits to good causes, and the intentional manufacturing in your home market of the USA.

I'd be more likely to use your product on a long bus trip or train ride than a plane. I can't imagine myself walking onto a plane with a big cup of iced coffee – that's not the culture I've seen anywhere in Australia, Asia or Europe. And usually I'm holding other luggage which makes bringing a drink onboard problematic. Do US airlines require you to stow/consume your drink before takeoff?

How has the uptake been from your kickstarter campaign, and what kinds of transport are you seeing your product used on?

1 year ago
Inventor and Owner, FLYGA

Hey Ian! Thanks for the comment and there certainly are different travel norms across boarders. In the US countless people board their flight with their Starbucks, Peet's Coffee or fountain drink from their fast food eatery. And in the US the tray table has to be in the upright locked position for takeoff so Sip n' Clip makes for an amazing airplane drink holder.

Kickstarter went great and we launched our ecommerce site as well, just did Amazon and were invited to be a preferred supplier for HALO Branded Solutions, the global leader in branded merch for corporate companies. Very exciting stuff and lots of balls in the air.

People love to use their Sip n' Clip across all transport types (planes, trains, and automobiles, and even scooters for accessibility) I like to use mine at my desk for a phone kickstand. Love for your to find us on LinkedIn :)

1 year ago
Sr VP of Sales & Partnerships, GettinLocal

Hi Seth- I think this is very clever and definitely think this a great giveaway for tradeshows or client gifts. But HOLY COW- it is expensive. I understand that you are donating 25% of your profits to minority and women's leadership initiatives, but you don't even mention that on your website. I'd seriously rethink the price as there is no way I could justify $15.20, which is the bulk price on your website for customized Sip n' Clips. Good luck!

1 year ago
Sr VP of Sales & Partnerships, GettinLocal

Sorry- you do mention the 25% on your "About Us" page, but that page is not easy to find unless you click to go through the "about us" link you posted. The "About Us" page is not prominently displayed on your website.

1 year ago
Inventor and Owner, FLYGA

Hey Liz, Thanks for the comment! We are still building out some of our website and we do call out the 25% social good on the website, but good point and we will make it more clear. We're running a launch promotion on amazon that brings the price down to ~$10 - $11 dollars each. We've been selling pretty well at the $14 dollar mark B2C. When you buy custom like Marriott, Cruise Planners, The Daytona International Airport and others have, the price ranges from $6.65 per unit up to $12 depending on quantity and number of colors, currently sell in increments of 125 units for volume pricing. Thanks for the engagement and hopefully you'll take a look at our Amazon store. A cup of coffee basically sells for $6 these days, we've been told Sip n' Clip is certainly worth the price of a couple cups of coffee ;)


Safe Travels!
Seth from Sip n' Clip, a very practical airplane drink holder

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