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Chris is the owner/host of the Amateur Traveler which is an award-winning online travel show that focuses primarily on travel destinations. It includes a weekly audio podcast, ocassional videos, and a blog. In 2014, Chris won a Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Journalism from the Society of American Travel Writers and was called the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel & Leisure Magazine in their annual SMITTY Awards.

He has worked for years in technology startups in Silicon Valley. He was formerly the Director of Engineering for TripAdvisor's New Initiatives group and was the EVP Engineering at LiveWorld where his team built and ran online communities and events for companies including eBay, HBO, TV Guide, Expedia, Marriott, A&E, History Channel, the NBA, NBC, ABC, Disney, Microsoft, WebTV and American Express. He is now a Director of Engineering at American Express.

Chris is also the owner of which is a new startup connecting bloggers and industry contacts.

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  • Looks like I will miss this meetup. I will be in the city from the 17-24 of Sept.

  • Amateur Traveler has been used by the Canadian and German school systems, and a few Universities like Oxford as part of their English courses. Also if you want a job with the Thailand Foreign Ministry you will need to listen to two episodes and you will... show more

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    Amateur Traveler 5 months ago

  • Good question. Organized is not that hard, just set your categories and stick with them. up-to-date is a constant struggle. For blog posts you can update them, concentrating on the blogs that get the most traffic. For podcasts, you need to refresh them ... show more

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    Amateur Traveler 6 months ago

  • Thanks Alastair :-)

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    Amateur Traveler 6 months ago

  • What he said. :-) Covid set the destinations back a couple of years, as some of the people who did know what they wanted to do with bloggers got laid off. It's one of the reasons I was impressed that the hotels I talked to in Phuket seemed to have a ... show more