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Trouble with Me Podcast Your (in)accessible travel experiences’ podcast

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Trouble with Me is a 20-minute accessible travel podcast, full of accessibility tidbits and some necessary dark humour. The heart of our episodes are its accessibility horror stories, surreal situations encountered by travelers with disabilities from which to get some tips to help you plan your next trips or for tourism operators and designers to better cater for everyone.

To give ideas on destinations, we also review cities and tourist attractions around the world, such as Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Kyoto, Tokyo or Barcelona, uploading the full reports on our website.

And for those that prefer to travel from home, all of it is sprinkled with great sounds from all around the world.

🎧 Available on YouTube with subtitles and on all major podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Alexa, Google Podcasts, etc.) at www.tabifolk.com/twm

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Accessibility consultant

Hi everyone! I’m Joan, Trouble with Me podcast’s host.

I’m one meter tall and also a wheelchair user. I’ve been working in the accessibility industry for the past 10 years, both for the built environment and for software accessibility. I also love to travel and have lived in different countries, so doing the podcast came as a natural fusion of my life, my hobbies and my work. I’d say that it’s not just for people with disabilities, as everyone can enjoy the stories and many of the tips may apply to all travelers.

Anyway, let me know if you enjoy it! : )

10 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Joan, I just listened to your Tokyo episode. I thoroughly enjoyed the sound track and city reviews (understanding city accessibility from another perspective), and the travel "horror" story at the end. This podcast is fantastically produced, so bravo for creating this and thanks for sharing with the Travel Massive community.

PS: For any iPhone users, just ask Siri to "play the Trouble with Me podcast" and you'll get started right away!

10 months ago (edited)
Accessibility consultant

Thanks a lot, Ian! We put a lot of work in the producing (music, sounds, script, etc.), so that everyone can enjoy. Your comment is much appreciated : )

10 months ago
Founder, TabiFolk

Joan made the music himself!

10 months ago
Founder, TabiFolk

I absolutely love this podcast. Even if you don't need the accessibility information, Joan's storytelling makes his "horror stories" exciting to listen to. Well worth listening to.

10 months ago
Accessibility consultant

Thanks, Josh! I myself love doing the horror stories, so it’s great to know that people have fun with them : )

10 months ago
Business Planning Manager-New Business development, INFINI TRAVEL INFORMATION Inc.

I am learning from this. Thanks!

9 months ago
Accessibility consultant

Thanks! I’m happy to hear : )

9 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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Trouble with Me Podcast

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