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The Porter Insider newsletter features destination guides on amazing and unusual things to do, and places to stay.

Each week we profile a new destination — we avoid the typical tourist hot-spots and instead aim to focus on providing you with great tips on awesome things to do and great places to stay.

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CEO, Porter

Hi, I'm Gary, founder of Porter.

Porter is an accommodation travel-tech company, enabling you to start selling accommodation direct to your audience, without the need of huge technical investment. Learn more about us at

We just launched our newsletter Porter Insider focused on sharing unique and amazing things to do and great places to stay. Each week we'll be profiling a new destination.

To date we've profiled:


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21 days ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Gary, thanks for sharing your newsletter with the Travel Massive community.

How are you researching the destinations in your guides? Is it your own first-hand experience are you relying on other forms of research? How do you decide what is "unusual" or the "best" when you're creating these guides?

Also, I'm keen to learn more about your travel tech startup, Porter. Can you tell us a bit more about what it does and who can make use of it?

21 days ago (edited)
CEO, Porter

Morning Ian,

So the bulk of our content is first-hand - either via suggestions from our Porter community (this is typically either direct emails from our subscribers with suggestions of places to include, or via our social media channels where we sometimes put out information requests via stories) or from direct experiences of the Porter team. We also do a bit of research to ensure that we're not missing any attractions that would be worthwhile including.

In terms of which places to include, we've tried to focus on those attractions/things to do which are a interesting, unknown, and cool. Of course each of these three elements has a degree of subjectivity so once we've drawn up a list of potential inclusions, we'll then discuss as a team to whittle down to the final list to be used for the newsletter.

In terms of Porter - we offer an 'accommodation-booking as a service' solution, helping organisations (think sports teams, venues, conferences, awards organisers etc), connect their audience to hyper-relevant accommodation options, and in doing so, unlock a new cost-free revenue stream.

20 days ago