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Coliving Compass Coliving Spaces For Nomads

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🌍 Coliving Compass is a booking platform for finding the world's best coliving spaces for digital nomads.

🌟 We shine a spotlight on spaces designed for digital nomads — and those that do it exceptionally well!

👉 Every coliving space on our website is handpicked by our resident coliving expert to ensure they offer:

📶 High-speed Wifi
🎉 Weekly Community Events
💰 Discounts for Stays of 30+ Days
👩‍💻 Quality Coworking Spaces
👥 Community Managers
🚪 Private Rooms

And, most importantly, all of our spaces understand the nomad-demographic. Their amenities are tailored specifically for global remote workers like us.

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Coliving Consultant, Coliving Consultant

Hi! 👋 I'm Leah Ziliak.

I'm a Coliving Consultant, and co-founder of Coliving Compass. I've worked in coliving for 4+ years now, and I'm always getting asked about my top recommendations.

After dozens of conversations, I realized that there really wasn't an easy way for digital nomads to find the top spaces that were meant for them. So, a little over a year ago, my partner and I created a platform for it.

Coliving Compass is a curated list of the best nomad-coliving spaces out there. I hope it helps you find your next home!

🏠 Ready to find your next coliving community?

Start searching on www.colivingcompass.com!

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This is such a great idea!

8 months ago
Coliving Consultant, Coliving Consultant

Thanks, Erin! Hope it helps you find a coliving space you love! : )

8 months ago
Cofounder at a social nomad app, www.punta.app

Hello!, my name's Carles and I am running an app for nomads to find each other along their travel plan and they can create events there. I was wondering whether you wanted to have a meeting to see if we can help each other

8 months ago
Coliving Consultant, Coliving Consultant

Hi Carles! Sure! Will send you a message. : )

8 months ago
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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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