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Tourifique An afrocentric travel marketplace for immersive experiences and activities

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Tourifique (previously ZaNiheza) is a booking platform unlocking the world’s most immersive travel experiences and activities for curious explorers. Our aim is to be leading Afrocentric travel platform in the world.

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Founder/CEO, Tourifique

Hello everyone 🤠

We recently rebranded our startup from ZaNiheza to Tourifique.

Why? To strengthen our global brand recognition and commitment to customers, we want them to be able to identify our brand in the market.

Next chapter: We are focus on serving Global African Diaspora travellers who want immersive travel experiences around the world. Our platform will be the go-to-marketplace for Afrocentric experiences.

We are looking for travel suppliers to partner with 🙏

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Founder/CEO, Tourifique

Thank you for featuring ZaNiheza in What's Hot In Travel 2023. ZaNiheza has been nominated twice for two awards:
"Best New Business"
"Best Innovative Business"
(Black Business Association Of BC)

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Founder/CEO, Tourifique

Hey everyone, I am Charles Shima Kishi, Founder/CEO of ZaNiheza.

🇷🇼 In 2018, I returned to Rwanda, Africa where I grew up. I left at 16 during the Genocide Against The Tutsi. While searching for authentic & cultural experiences, I noticed that most local tour operators are fully or partially offline. So I founded ZaNiheza.

Our company name ZaNiheza combines three words in Kinyarwanda: Murakaza Neza (Welcome) and Niheza (it’s beautiful).

ZaNiheza was launched in Vancouver, Canada in 2019. Our story has been featured in Phocuswire, Forbes Africa, Vancouver Tech Journ, and Voice Of America.

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ZaNiheza is on to something very special.... stay tuned!

1 year ago
Founder/CEO, Tourifique

Thank you. Flywallet should join the platform.

1 year ago

We love it 😻

1 year ago

ZaNiheza is the next big thing in African tourism!

1 year ago

The site is easy to use, the response times are is great and the service (to date) has been wonderful. Highly recommended. But ZaNiheza is way more than a booking platform. It’s a vibe, it’s joy, it’s culture, it’s Africa!!

1 year ago

I for ZaNiheza

1 year ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Good luck w your platform. So much potential for tourism in Africa.

1 year ago

It's time to visit Africa and feel Africa.

1 year ago

Great Idea!

1 year ago
Tour Guide, Cape Town Cannabis Guide

Great place and it's about improving Africa.Keep moving forward growing that an amazing platform.Respect🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🔥🔥🔥

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