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Wonders Of Street View

Random street views
Discovered by Ian
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A fun mini-website to explore the wonderful world of Google Street View.
🎲 Hit the "Random" button and dive into an interesting place somewhere on Earth!

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Founder, Travel Massive

I'm really enjoying some indie projects being made on the web these days!

This is a mini-website built on top of Google Street View, that allows you discover some interesting places around the world. My favourite random place so far is a bubble wrapped car in the US!

The creator Neal Agarwal has more fun projects on the aptly-named website

25 days ago (edited)
Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

This one is really cool! I spend a good 10 minutes "walking" around :D

25 days ago
Travel Blogger, Just Heading Out

This is so cool! Really love being "dropped" in random places around the world and looking around a bit.

25 days ago
Co-founder of

This got me the idea that I should include something like that on my website :) But this StreetView service is not free and price looks quite steep.

25 days ago (edited)
Travel Blogger and App Developer, VacationCounts

I was wondering the same thing. Is Neal paying for Google Maps API and if so, how is this site earning revenue? I don't see any ads. Though I do agree this is a fun armchair travel site.

12 days ago
Co-founder of

I found out that Google gives $200 monthly credit for free. Should be enough for moderate traffic.

12 days ago
Travel Blogger and App Developer, VacationCounts

True and good point. Though with a popular site I'd be worried about getting a big bill from Google after returning from my own travels :)
Just looking at the pricing and for 50,000 API calls per month it would be $350-$200 (free) =$150.

12 days ago
Co-founder of

That's a valid concern :) The good thing with Google is that you can set a max limit on monthly spending.

12 days ago
Travel Blogger / Youtuber,

I made a compilation of 10 wonderful places from Street View. This is the most interesting I could find 😀👍

🌎 (turn on english subtitles)

Street View is one of my favorite tools of Google and i found really exciting the experience they put on Virtual Reality. I can really help a lot to know any remote place in the world.

14 days ago