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About me

Brazilian 🇧🇷 by birth, but nomad by heart 🧡 who quit my (very) safe job to explore the wonders around me since 2019.
I'm a travel passionate and web3 enthusiast looking for sustainable ways to travel with the support of blockchain. Traveling has been a cure for my soul and has allowed me to open my mind to explore the unknown.

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This is the perfect place to talk about my passion, traveling, meet inspiring people, and network with business leaders.


  • Hey everyone!! I'm curious to learn more about ppl travel habits and preferences, so I'm doing some research to better understand if you have some particular passion when traveling. Would be great if you could take 1 minute of your time to tell me what... show more

  • GenZ is tech-native, so they're searching for ways to improve their experience online combined with their own values: community-based, independent, meaningful connections... I see Web3 as a result of those values, being an internet that thrives with co... show more

  • Going to the 2nd part of your question… 👇 Right now we are focusing on a small community before we scale. It's important that we validate product-market fit before investing in building a fully-fledged ecosystem. When it comes to style, if you refer to... show more

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    Wytland 1 year ago

  • Hey Ian! Thanks for your interest in WYTLAND. 🤩 Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the travel and tech industry. Here's a short overview of our founders: -> Kristofer (CEO): Serial entrepreneur with deep knowledge of the travel tech spac... show more

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    Wytland 1 year ago

  • I'm in Brasília (Brazil) rn, going to Perugia (Italy) by the end of this month. And hopefully, I'll explore Western Asia this year. I'm very interested in visiting Iran and Jordan