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Matthew Barker
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January 2015
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  • Admittedly my backpacking days have slowed down somewhat in recent years, but nonetheless agree strongly with Stuart below that nothing beats an old school guidebook while travelling independently. The use case has clearly changed a lot: directory/listi... show more

  • Not sure guidebooks rank very highly in the overall tourism emissions league tables!

  • Great discussion! I'll echo what Ian has said below. AI is the existential threat for lots of publishers, bloggers included, however it's certainly not cut and dry. AI is massively powerful and will erase entire categories of work and will profoundly ... show more

  • Good to see you guys still going strong Tom!

  • Hi Emmanuel - great question! Getting into full time travel writing isn't impossible but it's certainly not easy. For many (most?) travel writers it's part time and they're either supported by other work or spouses with "proper" jobs. Most mainstream p... show more