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Mochileros A Spanish-speaking community for backpackers

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Mochileros is a Spanish-language travel community created by Nelson Mochilero — a travel blogger and YouTuber from Perú, now living in The Czech Republic.

The Mochileros (Spanish for 'Backpackers') community features:

✍🏼 The first Spanish-language travel blog (launched in 2005) at mochileros.org
🌎 An online forum for Spanish-speaking travelers at mochileros.org/forum/
🎥 A YouTube community of 130k subscribers at youtube.com/mochilerosOrg

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Travel Blogger / Youtuber, Mochileros.org

Thanks for visiting this project.

In my travels I don't try to inspire people to follow their dreams and leave their jobs 🤷‍♂️.

I just started to do this for fun, for curiosity and documentation of the world we live. I do believe that there are places, persons and experiences that can be transforming for each one of us and my job is to try to find them.

My intention is that you can find everything you need at Mochileros.org to start your own adventure. Feel free to be in touch for anything you want to know or talk about. I've been travel blogging since 1996 🌎

You can find all my social links at ser.mochileros.org

Cheers! 🤙

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Nelson, this is really cool to learn about your blog and Spanish speaking travel forum!

What countries are most of your audience from? What brought you to CZ?

1 year ago
Travel Blogger / Youtuber, Mochileros.org

Hi Ian, nice to meet you man.🤙
Spanish is a wonderful language to travel many countries around the world. It makes the travels easy and tasty :)

My audience are mainly from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and followed by Peru, Chile, United States, then everyone else. Actually I would say that my audience belongs to a lifestyle and a language more than an specific country. My Facebook page has more than 600k followers and I receive lot of audience and questions everyday through all our Facebook local groups which double that number.

Currently I'm in the middle of Austria, Poland, Slovakia an Czechia, close to all borders. Wonderful for little trips and amazing landscapes.

I hope our paths cross one day. Cheers!

1 year ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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