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Photos from Montenegro’s Mindful Befriending Meet-up

Event Recap from Montenegro Travel Massive’s Autumn Event
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You know that feeling when you meet like-minded people, and it all goes smoothly? The atmosphere, the communication, the tasks... Well, that's what we had in our latest gathering in Montenegro, in the stunning autumn attire of FitCamp.

It was another regular Saturday in the mountains of central Montenegro when the chapter community decided to get together and celebrate life while collecting the fruits of nature and sharing joy & positive energy.

Sustainable development of travel destinations is the choice of our happy bunch of members. Thus, we gathered in the beautiful natural surroundings of FitCamp Montenegro - an estate working on self-sustainability, wishing to be dependent only on nature. FitCamp collects rainfall, plans a solar plant, and has a smart irrigation system for the production of organic fruits and vegetables. This spot's diversified offer is dedicated to the growth of the visitors, whether they are travellers, digital nomads or entrepreneurs.

To bring the offer closer to the Travel Massive Montenegro members, the hosts and the team of FitCamp prepared a short show of the services included in the packages.

We started with yoga led by lovely Suncica, one of the yoga instructors at FitCamp. She showed balance exercises, breathing and relaxing while standing in the woods, surrounded by the colourful autumn nature.

After yoga, we did a mindful workshop with Kristina (The Wandering Psychologist), and we had so much fun playing Points of You after Kris's motivational speech! The group loved it!

During the networking part of our delightful event, we received a not-expected but beautifully received class on edible wild herbs, which later during the day enriched our salad made of fruits, herbs, and vegetables from FitCamp Montenegro estate. The class came from the Montenegro chapter founder Kirsi, always ready to share her knowledge.

Concluding the joy for the day, we enjoyed homemade grape juice and a fresh salad while laughing, soaking in the sun and just doing nothing. The days in nature are indeed the best ones!

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Country Manager and Local Expert, Social Media Manager, My Guide Montenegro

Hi, I am Andjela and I made this post after our event in Montenegro so that all the readers can enjoy the way we enjoyed. :)

4 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Andjela, thanks for sharing the recap from the event. This looked like a fantastic way to get off the grid and connect with like minded members!

4 months ago
Country Manager and Local Expert, Social Media Manager, My Guide Montenegro

Yes, indeed! Thank you so much.

4 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Looks like a great meet-up!

4 months ago