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Pati's Journey Within

Inspiration, budget travel tips, and adventures from a solo female traveler
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Pati's Journey Within is a blog built out of a passion for discovering 'the new' out in the world, and also within.

Pati's Journey Within offers travel guides, travel advice, and personal travel tips that are honest and genuine. I am a mature traveler and I am not shy to admit it, which is why I also try to encourage dreamers of all ages and backgrounds to put on their backpacks and take the trip they have always dreamed of.

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Hello! My name is Pati and I wanted to thank you for stopping by.

I am a traveler, dreamer and aspiring photographer. I started the blog 'Pati's Journey Within' out of my passion for travel and discovering 'the new' out in the world, but also within.

I create travel guides and articles for untamed souls, timeless travelers, budget backpackers, and slow-traveling nomads. My articles focus on slow, mindful travel and sustainability. I try to encourage travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture.

I hope you will find something for yourself as you take a look at my blog. Stay safe and happy travels my friends!

4 months ago (edited)

Love it! I've subscribed to your newsletter

4 months ago

Thank you very much! I hope you will enjoy it!

4 months ago