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Zoe Shapiro
Founder & CEO, Stellavision Travel
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About me

When I moved to Italy, I thought it was for one year of remote-working while I explored the country that had been calling to me since adolescence. And I found that I couldn’t leave. After living in the UK & North America, I was totally seduced by the spirit of a place that valued pleasure and personality over a professional pedigree. I found myself enraptured by small details - a wild parrot, the wax on a pear in a mercato stall - that I would never have noticed in my former life. Italy felt like my eyes were expanding and my lungs were drawing more breath. Plus, you know. The pasta.

Travel has always been the forward momentum in my life. And when that’s the case, not having the same holiday budget as a friend or being single were never reasons to skip a trip. So I’ve frequently traveled alone, with zero regrets and scores of incredible memories. But I have always craved the possibility of a travel community without having to compromise the style of trip I love. Especially after having travel temporarily taken away from us, why wait for the perfect timing or travel buddy to take the trip you’re dreaming of?

So, I created Stellavision, to offer women the best of it all. Stellavision is about connection; we want to celebrate and introduce you to the smart, cool, kind and independent women who love to travel in the same style as you do.

Why did you join the community?

For networking, community, and to spread the word of feminist travel!


  • Thanks Charles! Excited to be here. If Italy is ever in your horizons, please reach out : )

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    Stellavision Travel 4 days ago

  • Hi! My name is Zoe Shapiro, I am the CEO and Founder of Stellavision Travel. I am a marketing pro who took a year-long sabbatical in Italy in 2019. When I initially moved there, expecting a one-year remote-working stint, I was captivated by the country'... show more

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    Stellavision Travel 5 days ago

  • Hi there! I founded Stellavision Travel ( – A feminist-minded, moveable, touring, meeting-point where like-minded people connect. We specialize in boutique style travel through Italy, showcasing what you can't find on Google a... show more