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October 2021
Create a travel blog right from your notebook

Paper Website lets you start a website from your paper notebook.

✍🏼 Write your blog on pen and paper (sans laptop)
🤳 Take a photo of your journal, and it's turned into a blog
✉️ Send newsletters from your journal
📈 Google Analytics integration
🌱 1% of all revenue goest to carbon removal

Created by Ben Stokes (a UK developer with a few cool projects) — tinyprojects.dev

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13 days ago
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Founder, Travel Massive

Here's a really interesting project I discovered called "Paper Website" that allows you to take photos from your written journal and automatically turn it into a blog.

This project is not for everyone, but I feel it's a refreshing take on UX design and provides a unique way for people to create content offline. Just curl up with your journal by the pool, beach or mountain and write!

The app has more features planned including cursive handwriting and detecting partial content (you have to write line-by-line for now). So there's still a few improvements to be made.

👉 A travel blog published using Paper Website: weekinthepeaks.com

12 days ago (edited)
CEO and Co-Founder, LoungePair

This is pretty sweet. I love writing and getting away from my laptop, but then I always think "oh man, I need to get this onto OneNote" etc.

My thoughts flow better off a pen than onto the keyboard, where I tend to procrastinate too much about what I write.

I think this has all sorts of uitlities even outside of blogging. Great project! 👏

12 days ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I agree, pen and paper puts you in a moment free of distraction. It's akin to typing on a keyboard with no delete key, so I find writing has more planning and thoughtfulness involved.

11 days ago
Founder, Travel Kollekt

I love solutions that bridge analog and digital, some call it reverse publishing - this is such a cool idea!

11 days ago

This is a great tool. Does it scan images too?

10 days ago
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