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Emerging travel destinations in the United States?
A question about new sustainable travel destinations in the USA

Hello everyone, I am studying Tourism and Leisure Management at Thomas More Hogeschool Mechelen (Belgium) and researching sustainable and slow travel.

My colleagues and I are looking for "less famous" places in the United States that are likely to gain more popularity with visitors in the future, with a focus on sustainability.

I am looking forward to read your comments and advice. Thanks in advance!

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11 days ago
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Founder, Yugen Earthside

Hi there! I'm not sure about "less famous" places - but the first thought that comes to mind is that road tripping with a van or RV across the country to visit many of the national parks has become really popular. It's pretty sustainable as it's using an automobile instead of flying somewhere, it's staying local, it's visiting natural areas and getting people away from the major cities, etc.

10 days ago
Product developer, GetAboutAble

If your definition of Sustainability includes accessibility and inclusivity, I would recommend Mesa Arizona for instance! A lot of other places across the US are focusing on making themselves more open to tourists of all abilities and it certainly generates growth. I could mention others if you are interested but if you have a focus only on environmental sustainability I don't want to pollute the discussion too much :)

10 days ago
Founder & Director of Mappy Hour

I think Bentonville Arkansas is going to attract many more visitors in the future. They have been investing heavily in outdoor recreation infrastructure and many events are being produced there. Not exactly sustainability but car-free entertainment!

9 days ago
Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder, Dune7

There are some resort towns that have gone 100% renewable on the energy they tap from the grid. They include Burlington, VT and Aspen, CO. That said they already enjoy significant visitation. Worth checking out the others though including - Greensburg, Kansas; Kodiak, Alaska; and Rock Port, Missouri.

3 days ago
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