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Nomadico Affordable coliving + digital nomad community

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🌍 Nomadico wants to make the world a more remote work friendly place by creating inclusive, community-focused coliving experiences globally.

🫶🏻 Nomadico began in 2022 when our founder, Bill, stayed in a beautiful guesthouse in Madeira called Cecilia’s. He fell in love with Madeira and knew it was perfect for Digital Nomads; it just needed community (and desks in rooms). Cecilia’s home became our first coliving partner and since then we’ve grown rapidly in locations around the world. Remote destinations & authentic experiences always call to us; so we’re making the world a more remote work friendly place by partnering with local guesthouses & building communities in them.

🎯 We're all about mixing work and play, exploring new horizons, and creating a space where like-minded wanderers can connect, inspire, and make an impact.

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Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Hi all :-) This is my (and our) first post on Travel Massive.

🏠 We're currently open in:

• Madeira, Portugal
• Ericeira, Portugal
• Taghazout, Morocco
• Medellin, Colombia
• Bansko, Bulgaria
• Lobitos, Peru

As we are a 1 year old startup, we are very much open to feedback about our website and product. Thanks in advance :-)

9 months ago (edited)
General Manager, Ideal South America

Congratulations! Exciting news - timely, good to see. Any plans for Spain? Guessing it really depends on community development as it evolves!

9 months ago
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Hi Donovan thanks for your reply :-)
Yes we are looking for new homes in Spain too. We are first deciding on the best location to start. If you have stayed somewhere that you loved or have any suggestions what so ever, we would love to hear about it.

9 months ago
General Manager, Ideal South America

Hi Kevin - heading to Malaga end of month. Will keep an eye out for anything in this realm while down there and if you know anyone or similar efforts there, let me know, cheers -- donovanxy@gmail.com

9 months ago
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Thanks so much Donovan. Will do!

9 months ago
Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

Hey Kevin - happy to see Nomadico here too!

Looks like some of the locations you only open as Nomadico colivings in the off/low season for the destination – this is a super cool concept! It helps with overtourism and many other sustainability issues. Is this something that's at the core of every location you open? Or did it happen "accidentally"?

If it's a leading concept you follow, I think that is a big plus that can be communicated more widely in your marketing messages. It differentiates Nomadico a lot from any other coliving concepts I've seen – and this is needed as the market is getting even more saturated. Good luck!

9 months ago (edited)
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Hi Maria, you are absolutely right! :-)

That's exactly what we strive for as a company. Thank you for pointing it out; we will certainly emphasize it more in our messages.

Our Medellín homes will be open all year round, but that's more the exception than the rule of thumb. As a startup, we aim to establish ourselves in some popular locations to help our community grow. Our dream is to open in very remote locations in the future and fill them with our own community. This could be a win-win for both nomads and the local communities that would benefit from our presence.

And yes in Madeira for example we operate only from October until the end of May during low/shoulder season. Calm and good prices for nomads and our local partners are filled up all year round. Also win/win :-)

9 months ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Kevin, thanks for sharing Nomadico with the Travel Massive community.

I'm curious how connected your members are between your different locations? Do your members stay at multiple locations (e.g. Portugal, then Peru), or typically stick to one place? I guess what I'm asking, is there a Nomadico alumni?

Any plans to open up in Asia?

9 months ago
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Hi Ian, thanks for having us.

That's definitely what we are aiming for. Until now we haven't had anybody yet from our locations in Europe or Africa go to America, but we also just started there since 2 months. We do have plenty of people moving (or showing interest) from for example Madeira to Ericeira or Taghazout. The feedback we received so far about the community there is amazing. They seem eager to join us in other parts of the world :-)

At the moment we create a whatsapp group per destination for people to communicate with our community manager and each other. And besides that we have an umbrella announcement group so the 'Nomadico alumni' are all connected and are the first to receive news/openings/etc.

9 months ago

Just curious, if someone only wanted a workspace, is there an option for this? Or is it mostly for room booking and co-working space?

9 months ago
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

yes our focus is on booking rooms and making sure there is a good working environment and community. Sometimes our homes have everything included, like a coworking space or office inside the building and sometimes we need to find cowork partners nearby to include in the stay. In Medellin for example we included 2 cowork days at a cowork office for our first home as these were only studios and did not have a cowork space yet. And then if guests wanted more days, they could buy them with a discount at this partner.

We are still debating how many days of coworking we should include in the price if hosts do not have a good coworking space themselves. Some digital nomads work more in cowork spaces/offices, and others more in cowork cafes.

Any thoughts on this?

9 months ago

This is a good question! I haven't tried this yet, so I'm new to this concept as well. Was curious because if I need to do work but don't want to go to a coffee shop, something like this could be nice. I guess you could try to offer maybe two or three days in the price? Depending on the demand

9 months ago
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Thanks for your reply Erin! It will be interesting for us to research this sometime soon in our community. I think it varies a lot.

9 months ago
Creator, The Wired Nomad

Do you all have internet speed tests available for the different accommodations?

9 months ago
Growth Manager, Nomadico Inc

Sorry for my late reply Adam. Yes we can send it to you per house. I will send you a private message. Let's follow each other so I can :-)

9 months ago (edited)
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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