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Donovan Hervig
Director, General Manager, Ideal South America
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I love traveling and became inspired in the industry while living in Latin/South America - Peru, Ecuador & Mexico. But it all started in wonderful Spain, so many years ago, where I was living abroad and learning another language for the first time. Now happily living in multicultural Manchester, UK, I look forward to my next adventure ... Spanish-speaking ... or not!

March 2015
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  • Good day, Buenos dias, fellow TM community members. My name is Donovan and I am based in Manchester, UK. I work on the South America travel agency side of things and will be at WTM this year - from Mon-Wed. 7-9. Feel free to reach out to meet or perh... show more

  • I will be attending WTM London from 7-9 Nov. It's finally back! Let's try and connect with fellow TM community members while there and start planning an event here in Manchester. 2022 or 2023?

  • That's a good idea Shaon - thanks for reaching out on that. We could try and organise a last-minute somewhat informal get together next week - before WTM London - although that might be a bit ambitious! What do you think? -- Donovan