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Vadim Pashaev
Founder, MyTripGuide
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About me

Hello! I'm the founder of MyTripGuide ( - an innovative platform utilizing artificial intelligence to create personalized travel itineraries. Our service can help you plan your next adventure in just a few minutes, taking into account your interests, destination, and available time. We assist in creating schedules, adding locations, hotels, excursions, and other services in the city. Additionally, local businesses gain new opportunities to promote their services. Join us and let's make your next journey unforgettable!

Why did you join the community?

Travel, to me, is more than just a destination – it's an ever-unfolding story of cultures, landscapes, and connections waiting to be explored. I joined Travel Massive because I believe in the power of this community to amplify these experiences. Together, we can turn every journey into a tapestry of shared memories, inspiring stories, and a global network of like-minded adventurers. Let's embark on this collective adventure, weaving the threads of our travels into something truly extraordinary!


  • Hi Simon, Thank you for your kind words! We're always open to collaboration and exploring potential projects. Feel free to reach out to us at and we can discuss further details. Looking forward to the possibility of working together!

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    MyTripGuide 6 months ago

  • This sounds amazing! What a creative way to virtually experience different cities and get a taste of their local atmosphere.

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    Travel Remotely 6 months ago

  • Thank you, Melak! We're glad to hear that you find MyTripGuide helpful. Connecting travelers with local services can indeed enhance the overall experience and provide a more authentic and personalized trip. If you have any specific questions or requests... show more

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    MyTripGuide 6 months ago

  • Hi, friends! I'd be happy to hear your feedback πŸ™Œ I'm the founder of MyTripGuide, a startup based in Almaty, Kazakhstan and supported by the Microsoft for Startups program in Central Asia. You can connected with us on Telegram at

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    MyTripGuide 7 months ago