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Flying over icebergs in Greenland
A steep approach over icebergs flying from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat

Stunning video flying over icebergs in Greenland, from the flight deck.

This video was filmed on a Air Greenland Dash 8-200 from Kangerlussuaq to Aasiaat and Ilulissat, and published by FlightRadar24.

🎬 Produced, shot and edited by Gabriel Leigh:

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8 months ago

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Founder, Travel Massive

I spotted this amazing video on FlightRadar24's newsletter, with footage from the flight deck flying over icebergs in Greenland. I don't think I'll ever take this particular route in Greenland, so I'm happy enough to watch the video and enjoy!

If you like this video, then watch Part 1 – Flying Air Greenland's A330 to Kangerlussuaq:

8 months ago (edited)
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

This is quite epic, this goes on my bucketlist.

7 months ago
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